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Liberty!  The American Revolution

The Patriot

By Roland Emerich

Thomas Jefferson

By Ken Burns

The Completed Autobiography

by Mark Skousen, Ph.D

A Perfect Union

by Catherine Allgor

The Americanization

by Gordon S. Wood

The Course of Human Events

by David McCullough

The Creation of the American

by Gordon S. Wood

American Scripture

by Pauline Maier

Sacred Fire

by Peter A. Lillback

Seventeen Seventy Six

by David McCullough

John Adams

by David McCullough

“The Stamp Act, enforced taxation without representation, and the Boston Post Bill were steps by which the advance was made through a period of ten years toward revolution, and when with Lexington and Concord, the shot was fired, heard round the world the war was actually begun. All hesitation was now abandoned, and a Congress was called together for the purpose of deciding the future of the oppressed American colonies.”

G. W. Woods, Surgeon, from an Address delivered at the American Centennial Celebration at the Hawaiian Hotel, Honolulu
Source: The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Honolulu: July 8, 1876.