My Country’s Flag of Stars
By a sailor on a U.S. Man-of-War
The Friend: October 15, 1845; page 1
Honolulu, Hawaii



I’ve roamed full many a length’ned mile,
Upon the stormy seas-
I’ve seen some twenty banners float,
Full proudly on the breeze.
That standard too, Great Britain’s pride,
The boast of England’s tars,
Yet none could thrill my heart like thee,
My country’s Flag of Stars.

Brazil’s gay flag of gorgeous dyes,
The honor of old Spain-
E’en Gallia’s bunting as it flies,
Is not undimm’d by strain.
Their luster has been silenc’d oft,
At home by deadly jars;
But thy bright azure field is pure,
My country’s Flag of Stars.

In many a foreign port, I’ve seen
The ships of half the world,
To celebrate some gala day,
Their bunting all unfurl’d.
With eager heart I’ve glanced my eye,
Along their tap’ring spars,
Until my gaze was fixed on thee,
My country’s Flag of Stars.

And as thy stripes and azure field,
Burst on my eager sight,
My heart beat warm, my bosom thrill’d
With unalloy’d delight,
I hail’d thee as the cynosure,
Of true Columbian tars,
Thou banner of the brave and free,
My country’s Flag of Stars.

Oh! where’s the heart possessing but
One mite of freedom’s zeal,
That does not –hazing on thy folds,
A patriot’s spirit feel,
What vet’ran too, as he looks down
Upon his dear bought scars,
That does not hail thee with delight,
My country’s Flag of Stars.