The Hawaii Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is here to serve!

Below is a listing of our board members, their positions and e-mail addresses:
Chris Tourtellot:
Vice President
Arthur Tulak (COL.Ret):

Rick Bratt

Elwin Spray

Treasurer & Registrar
Elbridge W. Smith

Bill Settle:
Jack Miller:
Alan McCullough:

Chris Tourtellot:

Alternate National Trustee
Elwin Spray

Past Presidents/Director
Elwin Spray
Alan McCullough
Lou Torraca:
Ray Woodstock


minutemen in dawn's early light

"As the last vibration of the midnight bell proclaimed the presence of the jubilant day, the sound of fife and drum broke on the silent air. Hail Columbia, coupled with the ever stirring strains of The Star Spangled Banner and Yankee Doodle, mingled with the firing of guns, the sharp, loud crack of powder-charged anvil, and the glad cheers of hilarious voices. On came the music and our hearts beat quicker as we beheld, borne in front of a band of Hawaiians, the glorious banner of the free. Fourth of July at Hanalei at Princeville Plantation, Kauai, on the 90th anniversary of American independence."

~Source: Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Saturday, July 14, 1866