Are you a male descendant of a patriot in the American Revolutionary War? The HISSAR is an ancestry society, so if you are aged eighteen years or older and a lineal descendant of an ancestor, male or female, who supported the cause of American Independence during the years 1774-1783, you are eligible to join our membership.

Patriots participated in many ways in the American Revolution. These include serving as an officer, soldier, seaman, marine, militiaman, or minuteman, in the armed forces of the Continental Congress, or of any one of the several Colonies or States; as a signer of the Declaration of Independence; or as a member of a Committee of Safety or Correspondence; or as a member of any Continental, Provincial, or Colonial Congress or Legislature; or as a recognized patriot who performed acts of resistance to the authority of Great Britain.

Please contact our Membership Director, Elbridge W. Smith, by e-mail at for a brochure on membership and assistance with your application or call him at 523-5050.

We also recommend that you visit the Membership section of the National Sons of the American Revolution (NSSAR) web site for further detailed information. This includes membership application and ancestry forms that must be completed accurately and submitted on acid-free paper for approval.


Not sure how to find genealogical information about your ancestry? Click here to visit the membership section of the National SAR web site for a variety of online-based resources.

For Hawaii-based libraries and archives with genealogical holdings visit this site:

The National Society, Sons of the American Revolution's (NSSAR) library catalog in Louisville, Kentucky, is now on-line. The Society's library is a comprehensive reference and research facility with over 50,000 items (books, microfilms, etc.)
Its website is:

Application Fees:
National $80, State $10; Total(+ dues,$55): $145
Annual Dues:
National $35, State $20; Total: $55

Benefits of Joining:
Review, registration, and archival storage of lineage and documentation; membership certificate; membership insignia (rosette); booklet with constitution, bylaws, officers, membership list; four issues of The SAR Magazine; access to SARtalk (on-line discussion group); opportunities to participate in meetings and events and the Annual Congress held in July.


“That enunciation of the doctrine of political freedom and equality, eighty-nine years ago, we today celebrate with the roar of cannon and the shout of joy. With solemn jubilee we today assert that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..”

~Rev. Luther Halsey Gulick, Physician and Secretary of the Hawaiian Evangelical Association,
from an oration delivered in Honolulu on July 4, 1865.
Source: The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Honolulu: July 8, 1865.